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Dr Prinitha Pillay offers a comprehensive cancer care experience. A specialised  oncology team with a multidisciplinary approach which supports patients and families with understanding and navigates  from diagnosis to cancer care, treatment and beyond.

State of the art modern cancer treatments include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted / immunotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and hyperthermia.  Keeping the patients’ convenience in mind, Dr Pillay consults and treats patients at their preferred facility. We aim to limit unnecessary costs for patients. Johannesburg is easy to reach for those outside the country. Flexible treatment schedules can be arranged for patients who need to manage time away from work or home. 

We ensure confidentiality and protect the interest of our patients. Our cancer treatment plans provide you with the best chance at a good quality of life and chance at surviving. Cancer treatment and support are challenging for the patient and for the people around them. We go beyond treating your disease, we also stand alongside you.

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I am available to consult and treat patients depending on their location, and can be arranged when making an appointment.